Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I was reading Isaiah 45 this morning and noted that Isaiah was writing about someone named Cyrus. I immediately thought, "Cyrus"??? Wasn't he the king from Persia who agreed to let the captive Israelites go back to their home, like, 500+ BC?" I wondered WHY and HOW would Isaiah (cr. 700 BC) be writing about this guy? Must be another Cyrus, I figured.

Indeed, further reading and study told me that YES, this was the same Cyrus that Isaiah was talking about. It's called PROPHECY and that's what Isaiah was....a PROPHET of the Most High God! Turns out that Isaiah wrote these words (given by God) 150 years PRIOR to the days of Cyrus! (Haley's Bible Handbook) AMAZING....and ONLY GOD!! Isaiah had no way of knowing the events and people of 150 years into the future, except through the Might and Power of God!

I ask you, as Henry Halley asks his readers and students, "Is there, anywhere, in the literature of the whole wide world, predictions from of old of the whole unfolding story of man's religious history--ANYWHERE except in the BIBLE?"

I am overwhelmed by the love and power of God! The One, Only and True God....and the One to whom I have given my heart and entrusted my very soul! May you know and trust Him also!

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