Monday, August 9, 2010

FULL of Christ Today!

I cannot wrap my head around how much and how deeply the great God of all creation loves me! God loves me so much that He gave His own dear Son to suffer and that *I* could be restored into a loving relationship with Him.

Many years ago I was enlightened with the Truth.
I learned that God created the world pure and without sin.
Man was able to walk and talk with God in a holy,
deep and intimate level until SIN entered the picture!
After that incident (called "The Fall" by many),
man was separated from his loving Father God.
Man is no longer able to walk and talk as he was created to do
because God can't tolerate any level of sin...
and SIN is inherent in every one of us!
I am SO THANKFUL that God saw fit to redeem His children.
God had a plan to restore His children because He loves us
and I am SO THANKFUL that I am one of His redeemed kids!
The Bible teaches, and I completely believe,
that it was JESUS who paid the cost for the sin of mankind.
Because of this gesture, it is only THROUGH JESUS
that we are able to be reconnected with our Father God.

If anyone thinks that there is another way to God...their understanding of God and His plan is flawed. I was in that same mindset many years ago. I will gladly share the story of how I came to know the Truth with anyone...just ask me!

I am thankful today that the Holy Spirit showed me The Way. I am thankful that a dear friend persevered and patiently taught the Word of God. I am thankful that, even though I was rebellious and filled with anger, my heart CRACKED and the power of the Holy Spirit began to 'melt' my icy heart. I am grateful to the transforming power of the Holy Spirit who performed a radical change in my life nearly 30 years ago. I am amazed that the same POWERFUL Holy Spirit continues to teach and transform my life! I am thankful that GOD is fully in control of all things in His perfect creation!

My heart leaps for joy today as I consider the blessing and honor of being a child of the King of Kings! I have been adopted, and am fully accepted and loved by God Almighty!

I pray that every person who stumbles on this writing will know and experience, in an intimate and personal way, the love of God and the sacrifice of His Son for their soul!

If anyone has any questions, please contact me....I am looking forward to knowing you!

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