Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I love the story of Esther! I have been reading this wonderful book of the Bible the past few days and am in awe of how our amazing God used this simple Jewish woman to carry out His purpose for His people!

Esther, a young, orphaned, Jewish girl, was just 'doing her thing' as she was living in the custody and care of her cousin, Mordecai. Esther is described in scripture as being 'fair and beautiful'. As the story of Esther progresses, we discern that Esther was not only a beautiful and lovely virgin (the only criterion required by King Xerxes in the story), but she was a woman of faith and courage! Esther lived in obedience and devotion to her cousin and to our God. God used Esther and enabled her to carry out HIS WORK in His Kingdom! Esther responded obediently and loyally and GOD did all the rest!

It amazes me how God, the same yesterday and today, is completely and totally orchestrating the events of every day and the plans of His kingdom! May God find me loving toward Him, obedient to His Word, listening to His direction and willing to do whatever He leads! (and you too!)

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