Sunday, August 1, 2010

How did an entire week fly by? My last post to this blog was Saturday, July 24! Perhaps the following account will explain in part why I have been slow to post on this blog this past week.

Here's what happens....
I wake up in the morning, make a cup of tea and then spend time in the Word and praying. It's so wonderful to greet God in the morning, but lately, God and I have had a lot to talk about and it seems my prayer time becomes quite extended many mornings. Which is absolutely alright with me! Since I've been involved in "The Radical Experiment" I next turn to the "Operation World" website and learn about the country for which I will be praying that day. I take meticulous notes and keep every country's 'profile' in a little note book so I can go back to any one of them if I need to. I do some praying for this country and then move along to praying, planning and thinking about the responsibilities for the day ahead.

All that said, here's the reason I haven't blogged much this past week: Seems that all this studying and praying and learning and planning just plum consumes my entire morning! Before I know it, it is 11 am when I begin to 'shift gears' and get ready for my workday! My work schedule this summer at camp is from 11:45 am until 8 pm. I confess that after I shower and settle in for the night, my brain just doesn't seem to want to THINK about blogging. Seems all I'm good for are a few random posts on Facebook and a bit of web browsing. I fall asleep praying and seldom wake up until morning! I sleep very well, cause I'm TIRED when I lay my head on my pillow at night! Camp life in Maine is wonderful, but work still requires much activity and input throughout the day as I care for, entertain and serve as a 'nanny to three young children. The kids wear me out!

Please know I'm still here....still Walking God's Way and really being blessed as I do "The Radical Experiment". Today is DAY 19 for me!

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