Monday, August 23, 2010

It is fascinating to be praying my way around (or through) the entire world! I am using the "Operation World" web page's daily suggestion as my prayer guide. I begin my prayer time by writing down important facts and information about the country as they are listed by "Operation World". I do some praying as I write and meditate on the information and then I write out the specific prayer concerns and special needs for the country as they are provided by "Operation World". Following some prayer time, I try also to do a little research on the country and look up missionaries who are currently serving in the country for which I am praying.

I have found some very interesting stories, blogs and web sites through this process and am seeing some of the actual work and ministry that is being done around the world for the Kingdom of God!

Today (and tomorrow) I am praying for the country of Nepal. Today I learned that Nepal is the only Hindu Kingdom in the world. Hindu is recognized as the national religion of Nepal, but it's constitution guarantees some religious freedom for other faiths. Interesting to me is that the people are free to choose their religion but it is illegal to convert others! Any infringing of this law could lead to imprisonment for nationals or expulsion of foreigners. The persecution index for the Kingdom of Nepal is 42nd in the world.

As I pray for the entire world, I am trusting God to flood my heart and give me a new passion for the unreached people of the world. I am very interested in the lives of the many missionaries that are working for the Kingdom of God all around the world! In addition to praying for the entire world during this next year, I am happy to be broadening my education of world history and geography! Praying for the world is a wonderful part of my "Radical Experiment"!

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