Thursday, August 26, 2010

I have returned to life in CT and am a bit overwhelmed with the adjustment back to my previous culture and life. I'm actually considering that perhaps THIS life (in CT) is not where God will keep me at all! My newly awakened attitudes and a somewhat more difficult experience of readjustment might just be part of preparation for something to come!

I see so much all around me, including much excess 'stuff' that fills my own home, and it is all so NOT a part of my life during my (summer) life in Maine. I love the simplicity and freedom that living with LESS affords. My focus was much more easily centered on Jesus, who I desire to think of, love and serve every moment of my life. I confess that even this morning, I found it a bit difficult to 'focus' on prayer and worship with a house full of 'do-dads' and 'what-nots' all around me. Not to mention the NOISE LEVEL out in public places! I'm sitting in a 'fast food' restaurant and am using ear buds with music playing and can still hear NOISE! There is more 'hub-bub' occurring in this one location than I saw in my entire summer! (maybe an exaggeration, buy you get the point!)

I know that it is by God's hand that I am in the particular job and life situation that I am currently living. However, God is One of CHANGE and MOVEMENT and LIFE. Life in Christ means always growing, always experiencing, always facing new challenges and always overcoming! It will be very interesting, indeed, to see what God has planned for me in this coming year while I undergo "The Radical Experiment". I could elaborate quite a bit on just a few of the new attitudes I'm experiencing, but I will leave that for other posts. I may actually, do a series of posts on the various changes that are occurring within me. (as I make a note to do this!)

For now, the SHOCK of readjustment will definitely keep me 'on my toes' spiritually...and I guess that is a good thing!

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