Thursday, September 2, 2010

Can you BELIEVE that it is September 2 already? The days pass by SO quickly!

Today I'm hearing and sensing a 'call to arms'. The Holy Spirit is really nudging me to be alert and aware and watchful, even armed and on the offense to seize every and any opportunity that can be used to advance the kingdom of God!

Here's the problem....I am surrounded by STUFF and PEOPLE and THINGS...just like we all are...and I am too easily distracted from the purpose and plan that God has laid out for me. How about you? Do you sense that God is calling and asking MORE of you than what you are currently giving, or doing? Do you feel that God deserves MORE from you?

JESUS is the "Lover of Your Soul". He is the One who gave His own life so that YOU could be restored to a loving connection and closeness to God. He is the One who paid YOUR debt of sin, so that you could be FREE to love and serve Him and others! HE is looking down from heaven, smiling upon you, waiting for you to grasp fully the life of purpose that is available to you! HE needs YOU to live a life of service and committment to the Kingdom of God! I know that *I* am humbled and even saddened to realize just HOW MUCH God deserves and HOW LITTLE I give to Him.

"Lord, awaken us all to what pleases YOUR heart. May we all make changes in our lives to accomodate and lift up YOU above all else. At all cost....I am willing. Direct my every step, O God and may I pay attention and thereby make my life SIMPLE and QUIET so that I can hear you speak! YOU are my Savior and Lord and I pray in your strong name....AMEN."

Anyone else feeling the call of God to live FOR HIM and forsake all else? To live a RADICAL life of love and service for the glory of God?

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